Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Web for Book Lovers:

While reading the fantastic Book Blogging 101 content at Parajunkee's View this weekend (she offers a good deal of truly inspired advice), I was fortunate enough to learn about NetGalley and wanted to pass the information along to anyone who, like me, was completely unaware of the fact that it existed at all. If you love to read, and are dying to get your paws on some ARC's, this is definitely the website for you!

So what is it?

NetGalley is a website dedicated to connecting publishers, and books, with readers. It's that simple. They supply electronic ARC's to readers interested in reviewing them, but reviews are not actually required. The books are all electronic, some of which are available for Kindle. There are a huge number of books obtainable, from self-help to science fiction and romance. There's certainly something there for everyone!

How does it work?

Simply go to NetGalley's website and sign up. It's completely free. Once you're all signed up, you'll want to fill out your profile information, telling publishers what your interests are. Be sure to check out their quick start guide for information about how to get going. The quick start guide also has some great information about filling out your profile, setting up your Kindle, and requesting galleys.

Free, e-ARC's... What's the catch?

You'll love this, are you ready for it... there really isn't one! Once you request a book, NetGalley sends your request to the publisher and it's either accepted or rejected. NetGalley will suggest, if your request is denied, that you update your profile (sound advice, that). However, some of the available titles are auto-accept, making them available to be read whenever you're ready.

Oh, one more thing, the books available through NetGalley are only available for a reading period of 60 days. Two months is generally more than enough time to get a book read, but should it not be, you can go back to NetGalley and re-download the book again for another 60 day reading period. The only exception to this rule is that a book becomes unavailable for download when the publisher archives the book.

What will I need?

A computer and Adobe's Digital Editions Software, which is completely free. The software is something akin to Kindle for Computer, allowing you to read books that are formated for it. If, by chance, you want to read your books on the go, many are available in Kindle format. You can also download the books to any mobile device compatible with Adobe's software, including the iPhone.


What're you waiting for?  Go check out NetGalley and enjoy their offerings. I've just started using their site, but have gotten three books so far, all of which I will be reviewing -- both here and on NetGalley-- just as soon as I get them read. Good luck and, if you're in a huge hurry, you can thank me later! ;)

Image via NetGalley


  1. Hi there - it's Lindsey, the Digital Concierge for NetGalley. Thank you so much for this great post! We really appreciate you spreading the word, and we're so glad you love the site :)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, Lindsey! I'm always happy to spread the word about a site or service that I really enjoy, especially when it's related to books! I think NetGalley is fantastic, so definitely keep doing what you do!