About Me

Kristyn, 2012
Information about the blog, author, comments, and finally, plagiarism & copyright.

The Blog:
'A Turn of Page' is first and foremost a book blog written by a book lover.  Anything having to do with books/literature has a potential home here, and this blog will be largely dedicated to book reviews.

The Author:
I'm a freelance writer from Texas, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in history. I truly love all things literary and enjoy reading more than is rightly proper. In addition to this blog, I write several other blogs, including Pretty Pessimist, where I blog about my life. I am currently a full Master's candidate at Tarleton State University where I'm working on my Master of Arts in English.  I'm a member of the MLA and the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta.

Additionally, I'm a childfree, liberal, objectivist, chocoholic, lit geek, Texifornian, environmentalist lite, rubenesque, writer. I enjoy just sitting in long, undisturbed quiet. I'm also a shameless chatter and sometimes when I start yapping, it’s impossible to shut me up. I enjoy sleeping a little too much, but am also a part time insomniac. I'm shy and hate drawing attention to myself, but I work as a graduate assistant teaching English composition to freshman undergraduates. . . standing up in front of students!  I am no-so-mildly obsessed with the undead (vampires, not ghouls, ghosts, & zombies), enjoy cooking and love baking.

I married my soul-mate, Matt, on Valentine's Day 2000 and we've been happily married ever since. Though we have no human children, an never plan to, we're the parents to three sweet little furbabies: Galileo (8yo tabby cat), Anakin (6yo Shih-Tzu), & Chewbacca (5mo Shih-Tzu).

My commenting policy is simple: I hate censorship, hate it, and am not prone to doing so. I will, however, censor strong, repetitive profanity and hate language. I don't tolerate hate. I also don't consider religious or political opinions hate speech. Disagree all you want, just be nice about it and we'll be fine. Finally, don't attack another commenter without good cause, and I'm not talking about debate here, don't threaten another commenter, I take that personally. Long story short, be nice and I won't censor you.

Plagiarism & Copyright:
I take plagiarism very seriously. As someone devoted to the humanities, and more specifically to the English as a discipline, I consider plagiarism a serious offense. Don't do it, please. It doesn't pay to steal someone elses' work, ever. I consider plagiarism a manifestation of academic dishonesty.
Copyright for all work on this site belongs to Kristyn Hammond (2009). If you use my work, please give me credit or ask my permission.