Reviews & Contact


My life's really hectic right now as I try to finish my master's thesis, so I am not currently accepting unsolicited review requests. Please check back soon and thank you so much for your interest in A Turn of Page!!


Looking for me?

If you'd like to contact me, you can email me at: aturnofpage[at]gmail[dot]com.

Looking for a book reviewer?

I’m always interested in hearing from authors, publicists, and publishers about book review opportunities. I am a graduate student, but preference for review opportunities will take precedence over leisure reading. Reviews are always relevant and honest. Please reach me at the above email address for my contact information.

My literary interests include:
- Historical Fiction
- Classics
- Chick Lit
- Fantasy
- Contemporary/Literary Fiction
- Young Adult
- Mystery/Suspense
- Thriller/Horror
- True Crime &  some Nonfiction
- Romance
- e-Books
I don’t generally read:
- Politics
- Westerns
- Memoirs
I'm happy to receive materials from self-published authors and publishing houses alike. I can receive e-books as well as print media. Please allow one month for me to recieve, read, and review the book.

Looking for an academic reader?

As a graduate student in English, I am always looking for opportunities to review anthologies and academic texts. I am qualified to review texts on on the following subjects:

- Classical Studies
- British Romanticism
- Gothic Tradition with emphasis on the American Gothics
- Feminism and Gender Studies
- Cultural Criticism
- Classical Rhetoric with emphasis on the feminine voice in rhetoric
- Composition pedagogy

For academic texts, please reach me at the above listed email address, or at kristyn[dot]hammond[at]go[dot]tarleton[dot]edu.

Thanks you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you!