Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: New World Orders

Author: Edward G. Talbot {site}
Genre: Dystopian, Political Intrigue, Suspense
Format: Kindle (.mobi)
Published: 15 February 2011
Disclosure: Received from the Author (review copy)

Synopsis: {via author's site}

In the nineteen-sixties, a group of wealthy men concludes that it's already too late to stop global warming from destroying the planet. But they have a plan to save themselves.

Twenty years later, Jack Crowley and Jim Patterson stumble onto the conspiracy, and every answer they find is accompanied by more questions - and more deaths.

Jack is a former idealist, turned cynical by his years working as a New York tabloid editor. But his enthusiasm returns as he looks into the work of a NASA scientist who tells Jack about cover-ups at the space agency. Jim is a detective with little patience for conspiracy nuts. But he hates loose ends, and is unable to let go of the inconsistencies in another suspicious NASA death. Soon, his investigation leads him to Jack, and they join forces.

As Jack and Jim dig deeper, they are targeted by the type of killers that don't usually miss. From Washington to Las Vegas to the Middle East, they manage to stay one step ahead of their pursuers in a race to expose the truth, and maybe, just maybe, save the world.


I won't lie, New World Orders is not my usual reading.  I'm somewhat stuck in the paranormal, paranormal romance, romantic comedy-type reading rut, but when offered the chance to read this book I jumped at the opportunity for three reasons: the synopsis was interesting, the author was very nice, and it had gotten some good reviews by people I respect -- like James Melzer.  There was simply no way I could pass, after all, what was the worst that could happen, I could dislike it? Now that I'm done, I'm terribly glad that I stepped outside of my usual reading milieu; I don't think I could have enjoyed this book more.

It's very much a "what happens when political intrigue (and a "bad guy" that's quite likable, I think) meets ecological crisis."  The plot's premise was interesting and well formulated, with no plot holes or loose ends. The characters are very well fleshed out, and quite unique, and I enjoyed seeing some rather famous personalities along the way (I won't say who, I'd hate to ruin the surprise!). The setting is well developed and quite easy to imagine, and the book's pace is almost break-neck.  It moves quite quickly, but the pace has a way of sucking you in.  It certainly kept me turning the page -- I lost a heck of a lot of sleep on this book!

One of the most impressive things, however, was how theatrical this book was. I could imagine the whole thing, playing out in my mind in perfect detail, like a movie plays out on the screen. It's that visually stimulating. The writing is so crisp and well edited, and the e-book is so well formated, that no distraction from the story occurs along the way. The prose flow naturally, from one point to the next, in a very clear and followable way.

New World Orders is a must read, I highly recommend it to all readers, and at only .99¢ it's an absolute steal!


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