Sunday, May 15, 2011

In My Mailbox: No. 2

In My Mailbox is a weekly book meme hosted by The Story Siren. It posts on Sundays, so go check out her blog and join in the fun if you're not already!

I spent the morning writing my review for The Hunger Games, reading Catching Fire, and contemplating whether or not I'd do IMM this week. I didn't really have much to talk about, so I was going to pass.  That's when I checked my mailbox ten minutes ago and saw that Harlequin (and a few others, but mostly Harlequin) on NetGalley had fulfilled my fondest wishes, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in the fun.  So, better late than never!

As I said, all of my books this week come from NetGalley, my absolute favorite site on the web!  Here they are...

corsetcover The Girl in the Steel Corset
I have absolutely never been happier to receive a book on NetGalley than I was to receive this one--okay, maybe Colleen Gleason's Dracule series, but truly, that's it. I've talked about how much I love both the cover and Steampunk before, so it should come as no surprise that I literally squealed with glee when I saw that I had been granted this book. I cannot wait to read it, but it'll have to sit for the time being while I finish the Hunger Games trilogy.
Another beautiful cover, another interesting synopsis. This is another book that's been circulating and getting good reviews and I can't wait to read it. It's going on my Kindle and at the rate I'm devouring books these days, it shouldn't be long before I get to it. I think, right now, this one should come right after The Girl in the Steel Corset in my reading list.
The Goddess Test
This is another I've had my eye on. I love the whole Greek gods thing this book has going on and, honestly, it's another beautiful cover.  I'm a sucker for a nice cover!  As I enjoy stories about the Greek gods, or that touch on the Greeks, and romances, I think its book will be right up my alley. Like the two above it, I was so pleased to able to get it on NetGalley this weekend!

Stormy Gale coverThe Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale
Another steampunk!!  I don't think this on is YA, like those above, but I cannot wait to jump in. I'm always just so excited when I'm able to get a book I really, truly, desperately want. Like Steel Corset this book is one I've truly been wanting. Now, it's on my kindle and my only regret is that I can't read everything I want all at once!
I got a few others, too, but they don't really fit the YA theme this post seems to have taken on.  So, rather than sharing their covers, I'll just offer a short list of books I'll be adding to my reading this week, along with those featured above...

  • Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess by Christine Merrill
  • Seduction and Scandal by Charlotte Featherstone
  • By His Majesty's Grace by Jennifer Blake
  • Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy 
So, there you have it.  Look for the reviews for these books in the weeks ahead. I can hardly wait to read and relate my feelings about them to you! I hope everyone had a good IMM this week. 

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  1. Isn't Net Galley awesome? I couldn't resist downloading The Goddess Test myself! Enjoy all of the wonderful reads!