Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: The Goblin Market by Jennifer Hudock

Author: Jennifer Hudock {sitetwitteramazonfacebook}
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Format: Kindle (.mobi)
Published: January 2011
Disclosure: Purchased

Synopsis: {via amazon}

Beyond the Goblin Market lies the remains of a lost and broken kingdom divided by war. The war has been over for centuries, but the kingdoms still stand apart, overrun by a creeping goblin darkness known as the Darknjan Wald. It has been written that only one holds the power to destroy that darkness and reunite the kingdoms, but she has no memory of her former life.

Meredith Drexler must save her sister, Christina, from the wicked goblin king, Kothar, who has kidnapped the girl in order to convince Meredith to uphold an ancient commitment Meredith doesn't remember making. Sent Upland disguised as a human child, she has no recollection of her former faerie life, or her uncle's promised marriage betrothal to Kothar.

When she ventures back Underground in search of Christina, every step Meredith takes brings memories of her forgotten past back to the surface. As the pressures of her former life entangle with her quest to save her kidnapped sister, Meredith's predetermined fate is revealed. Will she embrace it, or walk away forever from a life she barely remembers as her own?


There was a time, not all that long ago, that I swore I would never read another self-published book. I was scarred by a certain, frightfully disappointing novel for which I had gotten my hopes way, way up. Well, that was then and this is now, and I have to tell you, I'm not only starting to come around, I'm there. I've learned that not all indie authors are careless, lackluster editors with a novel and a dream, some of them are rather amazingly talented authors who simply want to share their work without jumping through the fiery hoops that accompany traditional publishing.

One such author/editor is Jennifer Hudock, author of Goblin Market. I first encountered this dark fantasy, the first book in her "Into the Green" series, when she began podcasting it in the summer of 2009. I was instantly taken with the story, eagerly awaiting each episode, and trust me when I say that I was never disappointed.  In the intervening year and a half, Jennifer has edited the Goblin Market, releasing it in e-book format last month. No surprise, I scooped up a copy the first weekend it was available and set to getting reacquainted with Meridith's journey into the Darknjan Wald, where she risks all to save her sister, Christina, from the goblin king, Kothar.

Inspired by Christina Rosetti's poem by the same name, and by the film Labyrinth (Henson/LucasArts 1986), Hudock's Goblin Market is a completely engrossing. Her characters are well developed and sympathetic, including Kothar, who I loved despite myself. Though it's abundantly clear that he's the villain, I couldn't help but sympathize with where he was coming from. After all, who doesn't want a villain driven by unrequited love? And I, in turn, fell in love with him, flaws and all. Otherwise, the dark and fantastic settings, from the English countryside to the dangerous Darknjan Wald, are rich and vivid in detail. The book is at times humorous, at others remarkably dark, our heroine persevering dispite the many deadly challenges presented along the way.  There're many twists, accompanied by some terribly sad moments, neither of which I'm going to share here -- you'll just have to read the book!

I'm sure, then, that it will come as no surprise that I highly, highly recommend this book. Jennifer does fantasy as a genre, as well as her influences, immense justice with this work. I simply cannot say enough good about this debut novel and I cannot wait for the follow-up, Jack in the Green. Goblin Market is so reasonably priced, at $0.99, that it's definitely a steal. It's well worth ten times as much! Now go, buy the book, what're you waiting for?!


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*Cover by Jennifer Hudock


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  2. I'm so glad to see this review on here. Jenny is a good friend of mine. I've known she was extremely talented for awhile now. I love that others see it too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Nicole! I think Jenny's very talented, too, and don't mind sharing that opinion with the world. Her novel, The Goblin Market, was fantastic!!